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Due to complications caused by Brexit, SHIPPING TO THE UK AND USA IS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED (Parcels for the States previously went through London Heathrow). Northern Ireland is not affected.
Auctioneering service carried out by: Kelly, Scott & Smith Properties Limited - PSRA Licence No. 002058

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Closed Auctions

14: September Auction

27 Sep 2021 17:00

11 Oct 2021 21:47

Number of lots: 113

CelticWhiskeyAuction.com Ireland
13: August auction

23 Aug 2021 10:00

06 Sep 2021 20:30

Number of lots: 111

CelticWhiskeyAuction.com Ireland
12: July Auction

20 Jul 2021 17:00

03 Aug 2021 20:34

Number of lots: 125

July 19th Auction Ireland
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